World Cup Qualifying Tables Football Europe The Road to Qatar 2022

2023-05-26 02:12:12

World Cup Qualifying Tables Football Europe The Road to Qatar 2022

1. Introduction:

The World Cup Qualifying Tables Football Europe are now officially underway, with 55 European teams in contention for a spot in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The qualifying campaign will last until November 2021, and the top-ranked 10 teams will qualify directly for the tournament. The remaining 3 spots will be decided via the playoffs, featuring the remaining teams. Let's take a closer look at the campaign so far and the possible outcomes.

2. Group Stage:

The European qualifying campaign consists of ten groups of five or six teams, with the team finishing in first place of each group directly qualifying for the World Cup. The ten runners-up will enter the playoffs, along with the two best group winners from the UEFA Nations League who did not qualify directly. There are some favorites and dark horses for the top spots, with powerhouses like France, Belgium, Germany, and Spain vying for the top spots, while smaller nations like Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Faroe Islands will be hoping for a surprise.

3. Key Matches:

As usual, there are some key matches that will shape the course of the qualification campaign. One of the most anticipated matches is the France vs. Ukraine match, which will see the World Cup winners facing one of their toughest opponents. With the likes of Mbappe, Griezmann, and Benzema, France will be hoping to secure the top spot in their group, but Ukraine will pose a stern challenge with their impressive team.

Another crucial match is the Portugal vs. Serbia match, pitting the reigning European champions against a team that has been steadily improving in recent years. Portugal boasts of Cristiano Ronaldo, but Serbia will not make it easy for them with their dynamic attacking play.

4. Unexpected Results:

The qualification campaign is always full of surprises, and this time there have been a few already. England's shock defeat to the Czech Republic and Turkey's surprise win over the Netherlands are some of the highlights so far. These results remind us that top-quality football can come from unexpected sources and that smaller teams can cause upsets against the biggest teams.

5. Conclusion:

The World Cup Qualifying Tables Football Europe are showing us that the road to Qatar 2022 will be full of twists and turns. While the favorites will be expected to qualify, there is no shortage of dark horses and underdogs looking to pull off a shock. With some crucial matches coming up, the race for the top spots is shaping up to be an exciting one. We cannot wait to see which teams will book their tickets to Qatar 2022.

World Cup Qualifying Tables Football Europe The Road to Qatar 2022

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